As a startup nonprofit under a year old, we are 100% run by volunteers and our success relies on the commitment, skills and hard work of our wonderful volunteers! Below is a list of some of the volunteer types that we are always in need of!

  • Puppy Sitters: Our puppy raisers take care of our puppies in training 24/7, but when they need to go out of town or are temporarily unable to keep their puppy, we need puppy sitters who are familiar with our rules and training.
  • Fundraiser Committee: Our fundraising committee meets twice per month to brainstorm fundraising ideas, delegate tasks to put those fundraisers in motion, and host pop up events to raise awareness of our mission. 
  • Random Tasks: We will always have a list of random tasks on our to-do list, and having a network of volunteers to ask for help is essential! Some of our training materials are best sourced from skilled crafters or woodworkers who can sew vests, braid fleece tugs and create training tables. 
  • Outreach: Most importantly, we need to raise awareness of our mission! We have a Facebook, Instagram and website to share, and could always use help passing out business cards and flyers!

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