Cooper "Cooper Skai"

Cooper is a purebred Golden Retriever who is 12 months old. He has a goofy, playful personality, and loves when his training sessions incorporate play and praise. He has the typical Golden trait of LOVING to present his humans with items of all kinds, which is working wonderfully for his advanced retrieve training. He excels in public and always behaves professionally when wearing his vest, but loves when the vest comes off and the chuck it comes out! Cooper is being raised by Cheyenne Haley and is an extremely strong bonder, which is fantastic for his future as a Service Dog. 

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Elliott "JPSD Heart of a dragon" 

Elliott is a purebred Standard Poodle from Durango Poodles in Colorado. At 4 months old, Elliott is still allowed to be a puppy very often, and loves to socialize with other dogs, play with his "flirt pole" and test limits with his cat-brother, Mowgli. But Elliott LOVES any opportunity to train, and shows incredible amounts of focus and work drive for a puppy his age. He is very food driven, but is also hugely motivated by praise and interaction from his favorite person in the world. He is learning to have a great on/off switch, meaning that he can switch from play into training mode fairly seamlessly, and vice versa. Elliott is being raised by our founder and head trainer, Kasey Joy. 


Cinderella "WEstwing's Once upon a time"

Cinderella ("Ella") is a 9 week old purebred Golden Retriever from Westing Retrievers in Arizona. She is our newest and youngest puppy in training, and currently her job is to enjoy life and learn to love new and potentially scary things like elevators, shopping carts and people of all shapes and sizes! She has also begun to learn some of her basic commands like "Sit", "Shake" and "Roll" (which she loves to do since it means belly rubs). Ella loves to play and nap, and is learning to get along with her dog sister "Bailey". Ella is being raised by 13 year old Faith Retich.