puppy raising


In order to become a Service Dog, each of our puppies in training must be raised from 8 weeks to be polite and confident in public places and in the home -- and we rely on our community volunteers to help teach them that.

As a puppy raiser, you will agree to take an 8 week old puppy into your home and spend 18 months teaching him basic obedience, manners and providing positive socialization experiences in stores, schools, businesses, crowds, movie theaters, farmers markets, etc. You will have weekly guidance and support from our professional trainer and will be taught how to best raise your puppy to be successful as a Service Dog.

We know how difficult it is to return a dog you have spent 18 months nurturing and loving, but when you see how big a difference your puppy makes on the life of the person he is paired with, all your efforts and care are completely worth it!




  • Must live in Ventura County
  • Must agree to attend classes at least twice per month: Classes are held on Thursdays in Thousand Oaks, and on Sundays in Santa Paula
  • Must be able to provide food and regular equipment/supplies for the puppy. JPSD will reimburse veterinary expenses
  • Puppy must be supervised during the day, not being left alone for more than 4 hours at any time. Most raisers may get permission from their administration to bring the puppy with them to work or school
  • Must be willing to conform to JPSD's positive, force-free standards
  • Puppy must be the only dog under the age of 1 year in the household

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