Application process

  1. Pre-Application: You can begin your application process by submitting your “Pre-Application Form” below. This is a free application designed to screen potential clients.
  2. Written Application: If you seem to be a good candidate for our program, we will contact you to complete our written application. This application comes with a $30 fee. This application goes more into depth on your disability, needs, lifestyle, personality and homelife.
  3. References: We will then collect reference letters. One will be from your doctor or therapist, who is familiar with your disability and management/treatment plans. 3 will be from family, friends or professional relationships (such as dog trainer, employer, coworker, teacher etc)
  4. Personal Interview: We will then conduct a personal interview.
  5. Acceptance/Waitlist: Finally, you will be accepted into our program and placed on our waiting list.

is a service dog right for you?

A common misconception about Service Dogs is that they are “perfect”, and that they will remain perfect throughout their lives. While we work countless hours training, socializing and bombproofing dogs, and always test to ensure that they are emotionally and behaviorally sound before placement, these are living, changing animals and ultimately no training can be guaranteed. The success of a service dog team is always reliant on the amount of work the human half puts into learning how to effectively take over as the dogs’ trainer.
After a client has been accepted into our program and they have waited until an appropriately matched dog is available, they must go through 2 weeks of “boot camp”. This is an intensive training schedule lasting 9-5 every day. Clients will be instructed on learning theory, training techniques and how to appropriately care for their dog, with plenty of practical lessons on keeping up and continuing their dogs’ training, in public and at home. After bootcamp is completed, a client is required to return for group outings once per month until the team is truly independent.


Pre-Application Form

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