About US

Our Mission

To provide highly trained Service Dogs at a low cost to individuals with a variety of disabilities, while maintaining modern and humane training practices. 

Our Values

  1. Professionalism: Each dog trained and placed in our program will maintain the highest level of training and behavior possible, upholding standards set forth by the industry in order to increase the good reputation of Service Dogs in the public eye.

  2. Humane Treatment: All training will be conducted without the use of force, pain or harsh aversives and will follow the CCPDT’s Humane Hierarchy, to ensure that each dog placed is a willing and accepting participant in a team.

  3. Client Welfare: Each client will receive a dog with a skill and management level that matches his or her needs, and be provided a thorough education in how to best communicate with, care for and become a strong leader to their dog in order to create the most effective partnership possible and allow for increased independence and personal growth.



Kasey Joy Nash has been volunteering in the assistance dog industry since 2006, and has successfully raised 8 Service and Guide Dogs, while temporarily working with many more in between. She has gained experience with a variety of dog breeds, ages and backgrounds through years of working in kennels, daycares and grooming salons.

In 2015, Kasey graduated from Bergin University of Canine Studies with her certificate in Service Dog Training. Since then, she has earned her CPDT-KA certification and has been working as an independent trainer with shelter dogs, pet dogs and owner-trained Service Dogs. Kasey is always continuing her education through seminars, conferences and a mentorship with an experienced Service Dog trainer. Kasey owns and runs a professional dog training business, Joyful Paws Dog Training, where she teaches pet owners and disabled handlers how to train their own pets or Service Dogs. 

Kasey has always had a heart and passion for working with children and adults with disabilities in order to enable independence. She worked for several years as a caregiver in an assisted living environment for adults with developmental disabilities, and as a one-on-one aid to a child with Down Syndrome. While attending Bergin University, she took courses on Disability Awareness in order to learn the specific challenges that accompany the common disabilities that Service Dogs may be trained to assist.